adidas Tubular Shadow 20210907

First make complaints about the customer service, the shoes are of a large size. Specifically ask the customer service is not the normal code customer service said yes, so we took the number 40.5, but wait for the shoes to be tested, obviously much larger, and contact the customer service, it also said that let foot long buy! All kinds of shirking responsibility, circle talk back and forth, anyway, it is that it has no responsibility. Seeing that her family has a high reputation, she doesn’t want to give a bad comment directly, so she called their boss’s wife for a long distance call. She said that the situation was solved, and she took a pair of size & amp; 39. Friends who want to buy should pay special attention to the size, which is really much bigger. Finally, suggest the boss change customer service, change customer service, change customer service!

Double 12 bought a pair of white 360, used all kinds of coupons and full reduction, the results of what double day festival began, there is a full 800-200 coupons is more cost-effective, only 300 a pair, decisive return. It’s very comfortable to wear. I’m in a pair with dad. It looks wide because of the width at the bottom

adidas Tubular Shadow

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