NK Air Max Zoom 950 20210904

NK Air Max Zoom 950

Collection of 220 NK air max zoom 950 super running series carbon fiber cushioning leisure sports running shoes. It can be called the strongest running shoes on the market of NK. The three technologies plus the embedded integrated carbon fiber board greatly improve the stability of the feet during running, and provide obvious propulsion for each step. The zoomx shock absorption material of the middle sole is very light, the cushioning feedback is excellent, and the speed is stable! Style cj6700 size 40-45 026

First of all, thank you for the customer service. They are very friendly. The shoes feel very wrapped and the soles are very comfortable. They feel protected when wearing them. I like it very much. I can’t wait to fight! The only drawback is that the logistics packaging is a little bad. The shoe boxes are rotten and may be squeezed. Overall, it’s good! Excuse me shopkeeper, what should notice when washing at ordinary times

NK Air Max Zoom 950

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