Air Jordan 1 Mid 20210810

Air Jordan 1 Mid

The premium jordan Air Jordan 1 Mid mid top is a versatile casual sneaker. Upgrade the original file data development of the original last ා the same source and consistent trimming and shifting film top layer leather material ා real sole air cushion built into the glue injection hole at the middle bottom, product No. 555112-100 ᦇ 251918084

Factory price 400 men’s shoes and women’s shoes top 1 Versace lovers’ shoes for sale at home 1:1 official website 1: original open mold TPU vacuum shock absorption high elastic sole 2: the fabric is made of Yangjing plus mesh cloth with open mold film. 3: Inside uses the electricity to show the work lattice craft, has the sponge! Foot pad printing package shoelace expansion, all practices and the original consistent! The highest quality of the whole network, lovers code, women’s 35-41, men’s 39-46

Air Jordan 1 Mid

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