adidas Originals Forum RS 20210808

The shoes are really hard, but they are really good-looking. It is suggested that you should buy at least half the size of the shoes you usually wear. If the shoes are made of sports shoes, the sales volume will at least double. As always, I like small white shoes. I should wear them more than once. The shape is very handsome, I like it very much, but the material is too hard. High praise Oh……………………………… Attach photos

Yes, it should be positive, but the city express is very popular… Fortunately, the shoes are not very friendly to people with high instep. The toe of the shoes is a little low, and it belongs to the part that often bends. I feel that wearing the shoes for a long time has a great impact on the upper. Wear them carefully, just don’t be too rough. This kind of leather will become ugly after being wrinkled and broken…

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