Alexander Mcqueen 2019 20210805

Alexander Mcqueen 2019

A collection of soft leather price performance versions Macqueen Alexander McQueen 2019 is the world’s most popular 10000 year first-class cattle hide, water dyed sheep lining silk cattle hide, water dyed sheep lining and TPU yellow resistant soles. Focusing on two years of classic tree type constant material upgrading, McQueen has the highest cost performance. The texture of MaiKun is first-class, very soft and comfortable. MQ original one-to-one sole has excellent resilience. Sizes 35-44

She bought it for her girlfriend. She said it was very comfortable and good-looking. Maybe it was because of the new shoes. If you walk for a long time, you will wear your feet. I don’t know if you will wear high socks or band aids for the time being (generally speaking, it’s quite good overall. I personally think that gray on the bottom is better than white, so it won’t feel dirty PS: the first picture is the contrast between the white paper and the sole under the fluorescent lamp

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